jazzkeller 69 e.V.

Freitag 7. Oktober '11    Einlass: 21:00  Beginn: 21:30  -  jazzkeller 69 stellt vor
AUFSTURZ   [Oranienburgerstr. 67]


Mikolaj Trzaska – reeds
Peter Ole Jørgens – drums
Peter Friis Nielsen – bassguitar
Johannes Bauer – trombone

Sweethearts in a Drugstore” is an example of the opposite.
This sextet is made up of musicians from Germany, Great-Brittain and Denmark, a European group: Axel Dorner (trumpet), Peter Friis Nielsen (bass), Johannes Bauer (trombone), Phil Durrant (Violin, electronics), P.O.Jorgens (Drums, percussion) and Pat Thomas (piano, keyboard, electronics).
Sweethearts offer a more common variant of european improvised music. Interesting and good interplay.
I guess this group is most of all one of the many faces of Peter Friis Nielsen and Peter Ole Jorgens.
Nielsen is a veteran of the Copenhagen avant-garde scene. Jorgens, multi-instrumentalist, composed for film, theater, performance, etc.
Both play for example also in Ghost-in-the-Machine and The Wild Mans Band, bands that have also cd’s out on Ninth World Music.” (DM, vitalweekly.net)













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